Question by  Jesse (27)

What can I do if my hot tub discolored my gold jewelry?

I am concerned about my hot tub damaging my jewelry.


Answer by  thebest (63)

First thing's first, stop wearing precious jewelery in the pool/ hot tub! That is the worst thing you can do to your investment. Take your jewelery into a reputable jeweler and let them strip the damage from the chlorine off of your gold. This usually can be done in the store.


Answer by  regal (45)

You can get your gold jewelry replated at your local jeweler. Beware it will not prevent it from discoloring again. To prevent this from happening again, ask your hot tub manufacturer if they know of nutrient additives that can be added into the water to prevent the reaction to gold metal.


Answer by  depika3 (156)

This damaging jewelry is good reason is effect the water and soil as well as any paint meterial and product time any unwanted things are mixxed.


Answer by  clara (25)

One option to try at home would be a jewelry cleaning cloth; another would be to try your local jeweler to see if they can get it clean for you


Answer by  katief68 (21)

The discoloration of your gold jewelry is due to a chemical reaction with the chemicals in the water. You can purchase a jewelry cleaner from any local drugstore that you can soak your jewelry in to restore the original color.

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