Question by  bovineovine (112)

What is the statue of limitations on bad checks in Florida?

I wrote some bad checks in Florida.


Answer by  surveymom25 (69)

if check is less than $150 - 2 years from date of check if check is equal or greater than $150 - 3 years from date of check


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Note to all persons with a checking account. If you don't have the money don't write the check. There is no limitation. If you write a bad check and then leave they will put a bench warrant out of your arrest for avoiding paying those checks back.


Answer by  LKHomemailgmailcom (60)

Usually the statute of limitations would be 5 years, however, this can vary and usually depends on when the prosecution began rather than in how the statute of limitation is determined.

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