Question by  nakigara (13)

Is there a statue of limitations in California for molestation?

I want to know how long in California the statue of limitations is for molestation.


Answer by  druyhawk (58)

The statute of limitations for molestation in California is 10 years. In some cases even when there is an SOL there have been exceptions for recovered memories in cases involving child abuse and molestation.


Answer by  bubbagump (94)

The statute of limitations will depend on the offense. If the perpetrator committed an offense that is potentially punishable by life in prison, there may be no limitations. For offenses against minors, that statute of limitations may be extended until the victim's 28th birthday. It also may depend on the seriousness of the crime. Usually the DA will decide.


Answer by  ystitts (9)

The Statue of Limitation is ten years from the date that the abuse occured. The Supreme Court recently has rulled that the current limiatation can't be tolled or retroactive.

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