Question by  interstellarsurfer (35)

What is the self perception theory?


Answer by  Rita17 (119)

This theory was developed by a psychologist called Daryl Bem. The theory basically asserts that people observe their own behaviour and then find reasons that explain what attitudes they had that led them to that behaviour. This seems different from the assumption that we have thoughts/feeling/attitudes first and then behave.


Answer by  KAS (393)

It was developed by Psychologist Daryl Bem. It theorizes that people their attitudes by observing their own behavior and the attitudes that caused the behaviors. People watch themselves behave in a variety of situations, and then decide on their own attitudes and feeling. It is an alternative explanation for cognitive dissonance effects.


Answer by  dar25 (123)

Self perception theory addresses the question of how one comes to know their attitudes and feelings. This theory challenges cognitive dissonance theory by suggesting we observe our own behavior and make judgements about our motivations for these behaviors. This process leads to our 'feeling'; in other words, actions create feelings.

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