Question by  Amy21 (460)

What is the procedure for diagnosing a problem with depth perception?

The doctor said I have depth perception problems.


Answer by  juncel (23)

My recent loss of depth perception is attributed to pernicious (B-12) anemia. My body does not utilize/absorb B-12 properly and now I must have injections. Rolling the eyes??? I've always done that... I am not sure... never really worried about it... I just thought it was related to a muscle weakness.


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

An optician can administer a test to see if you have problems with depth preception. It is important to get tested by a qualified professional. The optician will inspect your eyes, show you a range of visual tests, and ask questions about what you can see. You should get diagnosed as early as possible to obtain a good outcome.


Answer by  amtcura66 (1340)

If your doctor said you have depth perception problems and actually wrote it down and everything then you probably do and have already been tested without knowing. You can test it yourself by looking at two things that are far away from you and have a friend ask you which is closer.


Answer by  Blondbear (11)

The most common test is a one where you put on a pair of 3D type glasses and look at a series of images where one dot out of four should look like it's above or below the page. The more you get right, the better your depth perception is.

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