Question by  eiagaaf (13)

What is the salary of a US Army 2nd lieutenant?

I am thinking about if the army is something I want to do with my life.


Answer by  corpsman (93)

you would make about 36,000 a year is you wern't prior enlisted. if you were prior enlisted then you would make about 44,000 a year. These figures are just base pay and the money that they would give you for food. you would get about 14,400 more a year if you lived off base.


Answer by  LRover (32)

Basic pay for a US Army 2nd lieutenant with less than two years of army experience is $31,863/yr. With four years of army experience, basic pay is $40,086/yr. This amount does not include any additional bonuses or allowances such as for housing or food. These rates are current for 2009.


Answer by  Anonymous

You shouldn't concentrate on what you will make as a 2nd Lieutenant. Nowadays, Officers are promoted to 1st Lieutenant in 18 months and Captain in 36-40 months. That is a very short time and the pay different between CPT and 2LT are enormous!

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