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Question by  andrewschon (37)

What is the right prep work for putting sod in?


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

First kill the4 existing lawn. Next take up the old grass and cultivate the dirt. Removing all the roots, stones or anything that might cause the new grass from growing. Lay the sod and water, water, water, until the sod sets. About 2 weeks. Then you are ready to mow.


Answer by  9119 (12)

First remove the any grass that is already there. Second, rake the ground to slightly loosen the soil. Next, place the sod down. Finally and most importantly water everyday.


Answer by  gcmeyer2 (787)

Make sure your soil is free of big rocks and such. It should also be moist. Lastly, make sure the weather is right before scheduling the installation.


Answer by  hubertshilshigmailcom (26)

First prepare the soil by pounding into small granules. Mixe manure in it and leave it for a bout a week. Plant the grass and water it regularly.


Answer by  sajjad (107)

you can use animal substance as urea it is best to make your land/soil fertilize, and chemical urea is also helpful to get good soil.watering soil in time is also a good factor.

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