Question by  jdevlin (74)

What is the relationship between Christianity and nose piercings?

I am a devout Christian but I want to get my nose pierced.


Answer by  Lauryn49 (70)

I was taught that God made your body the way he wanted it, if he wanted a hole in your nose he would've put it there himself.


Answer by  centurion (55)

Some of the more fundamental Christian sects frown heavily upon piercings and tattoos. Others, such as the Methodists and their ilk, are likely to be more tolerant.


Answer by  jthomas2006 (6)

Depending on your reason it can be justified. I have a septum piercing and 00 ear guages. I believe that these can help me witness to non-christians breaking the belief that you must be in a certain dress code to attend church or call yourself a christian.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

There is nothing that says it's wrong to get your nose pierced, but a lot of the older devout Christians look down on things like tattoos and piercings.


Answer by  missy201 (12)

well im a christian, an i have a nose piercing an various other facial piercings, i think that its what u like, yeah u can have piercings and whatever and still b a good christian, its just some people wont see past the bad people that have these things.


Answer by  Anonymous

I think it's okay. It's more that parents dont want it done. I have my septum pierced and my parents hate it. They know I have it but out of respect for them I dont wear it out in front of them.


Answer by  JoeyRay (12)

The Bible says the body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit. So in my opinion it depends on what you believe. I believe it is ok as long as you do not go overboard like piercings everywhere. Try asking some friends or your Pastor?


Answer by  Anonymous

Look, if you spend your life worrying about what everyone else thinks, you won't have a life. Do you want it because you like it or because you want to impress someone? That's the real question. After all, a ring can be removed.


Answer by  Anonymous

i say take a shot

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