Question by  tads (17)

What is the quotient rule, in pre-algebra?

I'd like to know the rule and an example of the rule in use.


Answer by  amywade40 (62)

The quotient rule states that you can divide two powers of the same base by subtracting the exponents. For example (where ^ means the number that follows is the power number): 5^4 / 5^2 = 5^(4-2) = 5^2 = 25. This can be used when the base number does NOT equal zero.


Answer by  stiners (221)

The quotient rule allows you to simply expressions that have like bases by subtracting the exponents. For example, to simplify a^5/a^2, subtract 5-2 to get a^3. This only worked if the bases are the same. Another example a^3b^5/a^2b^3 is simplified to ab^2, 3-2=1 and 5-3=2.

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