Question by  worker6059 (57)

What are the rules to table shuffleboard?

I need the rules to table shuffleboard.


Answer by  jamyah24 (110)

During singles play one player stands at each end of the table, the players each have 4 pucks with a different color for each player. The players alternate sliding the puck down the table one by one until each player has used all their pucks. This is one complete round then each player switches sides and repeat the process.


Answer by  dochoa (6)

The game is played with two competitors. Each competitor is required to select a distinct color of pucks, usually one is red and the other is blue. Each competior alternates sliding the pucks down the board and trying to be the first to reach 21 points.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Visit EHow and look up table shuffleboard rules. Essentially it is a game where both players stand at opposite ends of a table and "shoot" weights back and forth.

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