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Question by  amiv (249)

What is the proper way to replace a strut in a Nissan Maxima?

I need ot replace the struts in my Nissan Maxima.


Answer by  James916 (539)

You need to remove the struts. Then use a spring compressor to compress the strut springs. Then you can remove the nut on the top. Put the springs on the new struts and tighten the nut. Loosen the spring compressor. Then install the new strut and spring assembly on the vehicle.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The basic procedure requires you to compress the spring, unbolt the shuck, let the wheel drop, and finally sliding the strut out carefully.


Answer by  Grag (452)

DON'T replace a strut if you are taking the spring out. it is dangerous. get the Hayes repair guide to tell you how to do it properly. you usually just have to un bolt it at the bottom and take off the three little nuts at the top.


Answer by  rookie105 (823)

there are 3 nuts on the top of the strut inside the engine compartment and one large bolt on the bottom remove them and it comes out


Answer by  karthikeyan72 (116)

,Disconnect the nuts ,Remove the self-locking nut from of the strut assembly ,Position the new strut assembly in the undercarriage of the Maxima ,Mount the rear wheels

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