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Question by  Hurriicane22 (44)

What are common diseases of maple trees?

My maples aren't doing well.


Answer by  varsha (40)

Verticillium wilt is the most common disease of maple trees.It's caused by a fungus named verticillium, which has found in soil.It starts in the root system and spreads up to the upper branches,causing the big limbs to start dying back.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Caused by a soil fungus, maple tree "wilt" starts in the tree's root system. This disease spreads and the best way to get rid of it is to eliminate the infected tree. Anthracnose and tar spot are two diseases that are worrisome but relatively harmless to the maple.


Answer by  Treeemt (30)

Most coomon are sooty mold, scale, and many others. Treest require plenty of water to help fight off these bacteria. Fungicide and pesticide also help very much .


Answer by  violetfade (51)

Asian Long Horned Beetles are one common killer of Maple trees,followed by Verticillum Wilt,Tar Spots,and various fungi known as Anthracnose.The fungus will drop when the leaves fall and can spread to other Maples if the leaves are not raked up and disposed of.

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