Question by  tc437369 (75)

What is the proper way to light a tennis court?

I am in charge of determine what kind of lights to add to our neighborhood tennis courts and need some assistance in the types of lights to use and the proper spacing.


Answer by  JenaMae (794)

Without question, the best lights to use in this situation would be large florescent lights. These lights not only put out a large amount of light, but they also tend to travel farther than normal lighting. This way, you can be efficient with how much you spend as well.


Answer by  Darbinater (47)

An ideal solution is to have 4 high powered floodlights attached to the 4 corners of the fencing. Occasionally 2 extra lights are added in line with the net posts


Answer by  thetruthy (249)

There are several choices for tennis court lighting. The newest is the low level lighting. These lights are in individual "pods" and the lights shine down. They require less energy and less money to burn every night, however they are not the brightest. They are adequate though for recreational night play.


Answer by  Cody91 (5)

To light your tennis court, you must remain at a certain consistency. What I mean is, you need to have the same amount of light on each part of the court. To obtain this, you might want to use large poles much like baseball stadium lights but smaller depending on the size of the tennis court. The lights should be white, sort of giving off a glow effect. Making it easier for everybody to play. thank you.


Answer by  KellyRichardHensler (18)

The most important factors is identify the size and layout of your court. The court size needs to be included in this question to obtain a valid answer.

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