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Question by  none (10)

What is a "let" in tennis?

I hear that when I am watching tennis on TV but can't figure out what it means.


Answer by  AllanJRowe (24)

A let is when the initial serve hits the net before going over to the opposite side of the court. It does not count and is replayed. A let can also be called if the receiver was not ready for the serve.


Answer by  MS (27)

A let is the call made when a shot must be replayed. The most common time you will hear a let is when the serve hits the net, but makes it over. It can also happen for other reasons: serve delivered before opponent is ready or something is on the court.


Answer by  Robs4thecubs (422)

When playing tennis the word "let" means that the ball hit the top of the net. This only applies when the ball is being served, and if it hits the top of the net at all, a let is called and the serve is redone. In a game you're allowed to hit the net aslong as it's over.


Answer by  TheGreatOne (29)

A "let" is when a stroke must be replayed. This can happen in a few occasions, but most commonly you will hear it when a players service hits the net before hitting in the service box. It also applies when a player serves before his opponent is ready, or if play is interrupted due to crowd interference.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

A let is when a person serves the ball, it hits the net but goes into the serving box. The server is not charged with a fault.


Answer by  Hooper (23)

When the player serving legally serves the ball and it makes contact with the top of the net, but bounces in play on the other side of the court, a let is awarded and the same player serves again. No points are awarded for a let; it is essentially a re-serve.


Answer by  bjc (354)

A 'let' in tennis is when the ball strikes the net on a serve, but goes over the net and lands in the appropriate serving square.

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