Question by  tasneem (22)

How can I go about getting rid of lice with coconut oil?


Answer by  lee54 (144)

Using coconut oil to remove head lice is an old remedy. What works best is to use fresh coconut oil but heated enough to a warm temperature. Then apply the warm oil to the entire head, massaging it into the roots. Wrap head with a towel in a turban style and leave on for about an hour. Rinse thoroughly.


Answer by  Hatsa (29)

Soak your hair entirely in the oil, root to tip, working it down to the scalp. Cover it with plastic wrap, leave it overnight or for 24 hours if possible. Then heat it with a blowdryer or by sitting in the sunlight, and finally add shampoo, lather, and rinse it clean. Then comb the nits out with a fine comb.


Answer by  whizkid (95)

You can saturate every bit of the hair and scalp with coconut oil or any other thick, greasy substance (like mayo or even thick hair conditioner). Then cover the head with a tight shower cap or wrap with plastic wrap and leave on for a couple of hours. Shower thoroughly and lice and eggs will be dead and rinse away.


Answer by  roger (199)

Just empty coconut oil willnot do the thing. You might add some gingilee oil along with bitter guard and heat the oil with some vasampu. Add the lukewarm oil to the hair cover you head with a slim towel and let it stay over night. You can take a bath in the morning along with shampoo.


Answer by  tyler13 (92)

I have tried coconut oil when my daughter had lice last year. I smothered her hair in it and let it sit there for a few hours and then washed it out. I did find Lavender Oil worked better and used it the same way. I washed her hair and used the lice combs and the ordeal was finally over!

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