Question by  Darla67 (68)

Is a pipe that contains asbestos dangerous?

I have learned that the piping in my house has levels of asbestos in them.


Answer by  worker9275 (89)

Asbestos only becomes dangerous when it is airborne and inhaled into the lungs. As long as the abestos remains intact and firmly attached to your pipes there isn't really any danger. However, if any repairs are needed on your pipes, it should be handled by a professional only.


Answer by  lmac (355)

Asbestos fibers are only a danger if they become airborne. If the piping is in good condition and remains intact, there is no hazard from any asbestos it may contain. If the piping needs to be removed or cut into, then special precautions will need to be taken by a qualified professional.


Answer by  Me51 (357)

While asbestos obviously isn't great to have around, if its in a remote area of your home that isn't disturbed often then it's not an immediate threat. It sounds like it's insulating pipes. As long as you don't disturb them and kick up dust it should be okay until removed.

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