Question by  Mel68 (11)

What is a raised seam roof coating?

I need some assistance in understanding the language on roofing instructions.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Roof coating will protect shingles from weather, heat and animals. Raised seam coating has an additional component besides just the sealant. It is specifically designed to keep the asthetic appeal of the roof intact while providing extra protection around the corners and raised edges of the roof and shingles.


Answer by  AllenH (64)

It is a roof coating product that will protect and waterproof your raised roof against the weather and from fungi or mildew build up. This glaze claims to also rejuvenate asphalt shingles. It can be applied to flat roofs that are rubber, tar or metal covered. It is also called liquid rubber.


Answer by  amman (5)

Seam roof is constructed from many interlocking panels that run vertically from the ridge to the eave of the roof and there are many kinds in it i. e Metal,Green,Rubber,Steel,Roll,Slate,Aluminum,Copper,Plastic,Concrete,Tin,Tile,Fibreglass,Solar roofing etc...

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