Question by  Pnparamasivan (20)

What is the procedure for docking tails?


Answer by  angiepoo (44)

The most popular technique is banding. Which is when a band is placed over the end of the puppies tail when it is 24-96 hours old. It effectively cuts off the blood supply to the end of the tail and comes away in 3 days.


Answer by  NorcalDogma (81)

When puppies are 1-4 days old, the tail is bound by a band. This prevents blood flow and causes it to come off after a few days.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

When a puppy is only a few weeks old the tail is cut off. It is almost comparable to circumsicion for a baby boy.


Answer by  XiaoXin (79)

Banding with elastic band. Place over the end of the puppies tail which cuts off blood supply to the end of the tail and will drop off after few days.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

There are two different ways that this can be done, this first one is to tie something around their tail so tight that it loses the blood supply. This causes the tail to simply fall off. In the second it is actually cut off with a surgical scalpel.


Answer by  kcmagpie (46)

Dog breeds that require tail-docking should be evaluated by a veterinarian withing the first 3 to 5 days after birth to have tails docked. This is a procedure that should only be performed by a licensed veterinarian. If your pet is older than one week, it is recommended that you wait until it is old enough for general anesthesia.


Answer by  raybaby (25)

Needs to be done by a vet. Everything has to be totally sterile. You also need to suture the tail closed after it is docked. You need to check to make sure that it is not bleeding after a little bit. The vet measures it precisely.


Answer by  IdaBalic (90)

The best time to do it is between 2-5 days of age. The puppy must be healthy and need no preoperative examination.


Answer by  brittany89 (56)

Tail docking is a surgical removal of part of the tail. The procedure is mainly operated on healthy puppies. Most people do it 2-5 days of age. Most people get tail docking for their dogs because they want to be able to prevent tail damage if they can. It's only recommended for certain breeds of puppies.

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