Question by  DrPill (24)

What is the normal shelf life for tires that are not being used on a car?


Answer by  Tuler (19)

The average shelf life for a tire depends on its condition and the place where it is kept. If it is an unused tire, it can last about 10 years.


Answer by  rube26105 (379)

If they are sitting around outside, not very long.If they are stored properly inside a garage or a tire store where they sell them, shelf life should very good


Answer by  impulse (35)

Tires not being used on a car still age due to chemical processes.The recommendation is that such tires should not be stored longer than five years. After that they are not considered fresh tires anymore. The DOT number on the tire states the production date. This way the age can be checked


Answer by  BruceWayne (113)

I don't think they really have a shelf life, but they do have a tire date. If you look at the DOT number on the side wall it will tell you when it was made. For example a tire with a code of 2599 would be the 25 week of 1999.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

A few sources published "6 years" as being the "normal" shelf-life, under cooler/darker (Northern) conditions "10 years" might be normal. DOT sidewall tire date codes are: (3) WWY (198Ys, 199Ys with a "triangle") or (4) WWYY digits (20YY's) specifying the WW week and Y/YY year a tire was manufactured. Primarily, air/oxygen and heat/radiation/sunlight degrade the tire rubber over time.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, they are going to age due to the normal process. If you are not using them and they are not stored in a cool place, then they will be done before you know it. Better to store them well. They can last for about 10 years if stored in normal conditions.


Answer by  mayo (31)

the normal shelf life for tires not used is about 2 years because the rubber on the tires is durable during this period

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