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What is the military buddy system?

I know that the military has a buddy system and would like to understand it so I can implement it with my scouts group.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The USAF has "wingmen," the US Army, "battle buddies," and the USN, "shipmates. " Personnel pair up. The two function as one, encouraging one another, assuring the safety of one another, and keeping one another out of trouble. There's a lot of information online about the military buddy system, but essentially is comes down to two heads being better than one.

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are men and women allowed to be a pair in the buddy system? how does all that work..?  add a comment

Answer by  guyver3869 (449)

This system is actually very straight forward. The military recognizes that this is a trying and stressful time for young men and women. It works as follows: An individual may enlist in the armed services with a friend / buddy. The military then ensures that those individuals are in the same training class. This helps with the stress.


Answer by  jamtrac (26)

The military buddy system is simply the pairing of two military peers in a training or combat unit. These two paired individuals are constantly responsible for each other's health, welfare, and accountability to their leadership. This serves the purpose of a service member never being a singleton or "alone".


Answer by  DavyBones (149)

The military's buddy system varies from branch to branch. In the Marine Corps you can enlist with a friend and they will send you to boot camp together. However, once at MCRD you are not guaranteed to be in the same training platoon and the friend you enlisted with. It does work out most of the time though.


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