Question by  Brett32 (22)

What is the buddy system in the navy?

I know that all military branches have their own buddy system, I will be entering the navy soon and would like to understand what the Navy buddy system is.


Answer by  patti (29325)

In the USN, the buddy system involves "shipmates. " The idea is that you will encourage one another, assure one another's performance and safety, study together, etc. FYI, the Army has "battle buddies" and the USAF has "wingmen. " In all cases, the two are expected to operate as one, both parties contributing his best to help better the other one.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The system is the same across the services. In the USN two "shipmates" operate as one to help one another, monitor one another and keep each other safe.


Answer by  ks (99)

The program is for small groups (no more than 4 males or 4 females) enlisting together. The time that they are kept together is limited to recruit training and assignment to initial duty station. All those in the group must be assigned to the same category (job in the navy).

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Can you and ur partner start boot camp together but not have the same exact job after boot camp?  add a comment

Answer by  USAF (13)

There is no specific written in stone buddy system, your co-workers(and roomate if you have one at the time) are the people who watch out for you.(And you them)

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