Question by  Briana (172)

How can I retrieve my buddy list that was deleted by aol 9.0?

My buddy list was deleted in aol 9.0.


Answer by  aoleksak (78)

i would email AOL technical support. Chances are, they may have a backup and be able to restore your buddy list for you.

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plz help me retrive my buddy list on aol  add a comment

Answer by  zombieguy (986)

If your buddy list is missing from AOL, look in your AOL folder or do a Search on your system for buddy.lst or budlist.blt first; this is your actual buddy list, and could be in either format. When you find it you can import it back to AOL.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

I'm afraid that if your buddy list is deleted it can not be retrieved. You'll have to re-enter all your friends by hand.


Answer by  mahes (32209)

i use all the nice little programs to try and help me recover it as well too, none of them work now that AIM doesn't store passwords locoally anymore... greattttttt.


Answer by  murali680 (559)

Only option is reinstall the previous version of AOL, after install the previous version that will give one option to export the list of buddy but cannot recover deleted files.


Answer by  Hasan72 (572)

There are some recovery programs available to recover the deleted buddy list. Again you can try reinstalling the program and it will ask you to export the buddy list and than after exporting you can import it back.


Answer by  Fossilface (12)

You can not restore a buddy list after it has been deleted. Once deleted the files can no longer be accessed. What you have to do is add every body back in manually.


Answer by  brettsmart (63)

If you buddy list has been deleted this is what you should do. Go to aols homepage tech support and ask them see if they will retrieve it.


Answer by  archie (73)

You may need to call or email the tech support of aol 9.0. they maybe have a backup or something of you buddy list. And they maybe able to restore it for you.


Answer by  ArunVivek (143)

If you have Deleted the Buddy list from Aol 9. 0, we cannot recover the same. Aol 9. 0 has No option by which you can recover it


Answer by  enrique (8)

Reinstall the previous version of AOL that you had, once you install the previous version it will give you an option to export the buddy list. Once you export the buddy list go into your aol 9. 0 and you should be able to import the list with no problem.

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