Question by  KnittyKitty38 (6)

What is the Mayo Clinic diet?


Answer by  claudia (249)

The Mayo clinic diet is a combination of eating right using the Mayo clinic healthy food pyramid which consists of bigger helpings of low calorie foods and smaller amounts of high calorie foods in conjunction with excercise.


Answer by  najahp (20)

Their program emphasizes permanent change instead of short term weight loss. The fact remains that if you shift to permanent healthy eating habits, you won't fail like you would on a diet because diets are always temporary. Most people go off of diets and gain it all back plus more!


Answer by  Dainaamare (16)

The Meaning of 'Mayo Clinic Diet' is a '13 days diet, whithout salt'. Drink Water at least 2 littre each day, and weight will be able to Decrease 7-8kg in 13 days.


Answer by  cgrid76hotmailcom (545)

I dont know this i aint heavey at all so i dont fallow diets very much .I hear about it in the news some now asnd then but thats about it .I really dont know what it concist of .So i really cant help on this one but wish i could .

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