Question by  sammy0415 (274)

What is the London underground, and is it safe to travel to the London Underground?

I would like a better understanding of the London Underground.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The London Underground is a subway system. It's also called "the tube" because of the shape of the trains. The Underground is quite safe, provided that you use common sense and good judgment. Security is very high throughout the underground. If you plan to use the tube to get around, buy an Oyster Card. There are printable maps online.


Answer by  JuliaJolie (415)

The London Underground is an underground network of trains, just like the NYC subway. It's quite safe as there are police, but be aware of crime like any other city.


Answer by  324hjt (610)

The London Underground, or "The Tube", is a massive subway system in London, England. It is very safe to travel on the London Underground, despite a terrorist attack there a few years ago, because it is very well guarded and frequently patrolled.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

The London Underground (known locally as the "tube")is the name for the subway in London. It is very safe to travel and in fact is the easiest way to navigate your way through the city.


Answer by  MellisaTurner (0)

The London underground is the underground network of trains in London.It is fully safe there is lot of security in the area and you can see the proper checking at the entrance. There are some crime activities but its not on higher side. Moreover there is proper police petrolling.

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