Question by  mtbuster (31)

How much does the London Underground travel pass cost?

I am going to London soon.


Answer by  victoire (161)

The London underground travel pass, the Oyster Card, can be purchased online or when you are in London at designated stations. You can choose from a pay-as-you go plan and add on money as needed or for a designated period of time if you are visiting for just a week or two.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

It depends on the number of zones you travel to and how long you want the card for. The cheapes one day costs 8 pounds and 7 days 28 pounds.


Answer by  yusedalready (92)

The cost of an Oyster Travelcard varies depending on the duration of validity and the distance traveled. A standard card for 1-2 zones for 7 days is £27.60.


Answer by  Kim7989 (111)

Underground in London is divided into zones from 1 to 6 where 1 is the innermost circle and 6 is the outermost. For 2010, the following prices are for 1 day/1 day (off-peak)/7 days/1 month/1 year in order for zones 1 to 2: £7.20/£5.60/£25.80/£99.10/£1032. It's about 50% more for zones 1-4 and 100% more for zones 1-6.

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