Question by  ChrstopherJ (25)

What is the life expectancy of the beta fish?

My son recently got a beta fish, I know very little about them.


Answer by  Leroy82 (7)

Beta fish are common fish found through out the world as pets. They are simple to take care of as long as they are fed and you weekly clean the water. Beta fish are known for their violent habits and will be hostile to other fish, including their own species.


Answer by  FishyFoo (135)

A betta fish's life span depends on how long it was at the store before you bought it. You could have gotten an older one which will naturally die faster, or a younger one. Assuming it is well cared for, an average betta fish can last for one to three years!


Answer by  Anonymous

Beta Fish are very easy to take care off. Providing the right inviroment was prepared for your new pet. My beta fish lived for five to six years, when it died due to lack of food. So take good care of your fish, feed it, change the water, and watch!


Answer by  Tank (539)

I have heard of people keeping a betta for 6-8 years in the home aquarium. If they are in a bowl expect 1-2 years in a system, a lot longer.


Answer by  summerdae (408)

Honestly, I have had plenty of them in my life, and typically they live up to a year after you bring them home. Pretty fish to have.


Answer by  jane15 (40)

They are very hardy fish. If kept in a one gallon container with proper water conditions and such, betta's can live for many years.

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