Question by  wjt (18)

How will I know if my beta fish is pregnant?

I think my beta fish is pregnant.


Answer by  techgurl (97)

Beta fish don't actually become pregnant. Beta do not give live birth, they spawn. The female will lay eggs at the bottom of the tank and the male will create an egg nest and fertilize them. If the female is full of eggs, her abdomen will be fuller and you will be able to see her ovipositor.


Answer by  Fisheries (30)

Beta fish reproduce externally as with most fish species. A male beta fish will produce a bubble nest that floats on the surface of the water. When mating the male and female will come together near the bubble nest and the female will release her eggs as the male fertilizes them. The male protects the eggs until they hatch.


Answer by  shenandoah (26)

When the female beta is pregnant she will display vertical stripes on her body, and the breeding tube will protrude out. You can see this behind the pelvic fin.

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