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What is the length and height of the only bear in the Southern Hemisphere?


Answer by  Elise12 (39)

The only bear in the Southern Hemisphere is the spectacled bear. It's usually 60 to 72 inches long, and is 23 to 32 inches tall at its shoulders. The male bears are generally larger than the female bears by about 40 percent. Males bears weigh 220 to 340 pounds and female bears weigh 140 to 180 pounds.

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Answer by  ozymandias (56)

The spectacled bear (scientific name: Tremarctos ornatus) is the only bear found in the southern hemisphere. Their height is 30 inches, and their length is from 51 to 75 inches.


Answer by  Djoneechan (142)

The spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus) is found in the South Americas, generally near Venezuela and other tropical countries. They're smaller than some of the North American bears that people are generally used to, and at their full height they can stand at a height of about six feet tall.


Answer by  olive49 (424)

The only bear in the southern hemisphere is the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus). Adult males can reach approximately 60 to 72" in length and weigh 220 to 340 pounds. Adult females are usually about 30% smaller.

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