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Question by  Jermbubba (95)

What should I do if my male lab bites a female dog on the neck?

Whose fault is it? What does it mean?


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

If your dog is biting females dogs on the neck you should disipline him to let him know that it is not right to hurt the female dog. Spank your dog with a newspaper. It just means he is playing ruff.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

If your dog bit another dog and it has injuries then you are responsible. If the other dog incurs vet bills then you will have to pay them. If your dog is dangerous to other dogs then don't let it run loose.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

There are a number of possibilities. Remember that dogs express affection through "love nips" while playing together. If they are not fixed, biting the neck is a part of breeding behavior. It is also possible that they were fighting and it got out of hand.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

Your dog could be flirting with the female. Dogs bite each other when they're playing. It's normal and no one's fault.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

The first thing to determine is if your Lab is biting through the skin. If not then the chances are he is communicating playfulness or affection to the female.

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