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Question by  Steph58 (21)

What is the least painful place to get a tattoo?

I want to get a tattoo.


Answer by  answergirl (39)

Tattoos placed on a meaty area will not hurt as much as those that are done where bone is close to the skin.


Answer by  Danusaf06 (40)

Having a few tattoo's myself I have found it is least painful to get a tattoo on your upper arm. It isn't painful at all unless you wrap around to the more tender back part of the arm or up on top of the shoulder.


Answer by  sirdillon (17)

This will vary depending on the person and their body type, but for the most part, I'd say the outer portion of your arm, between your elbow and shoulder.


Answer by  Ditti (44)

back of the shoulder or somewhere along your upper back.


Answer by  gimmeseven (17)

The more muscle in an area the less it will hurt. The pain also increases as the needle comes closer to bone. The calf or inner forearm are ideal.

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