Question by  vickymom64 (13)

Are tattoo parlors and studios inspected by the health department or other agency?

How do I know these places are following the rules?


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Every shop should be inspected buy some government agency every year. To see if they are legit look for a health certificate. Typically it will be out in the open so make sure it is current. Otherwise ask them if you can see a copy.


Answer by  Marshalhack (11)

Most tattoo parlors will have certification available upon request showing they are inspected and have all the liscensure needed to legally tattoo or peirce.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

I actually depends on the state where the tattoo parlor is doing business. For example, in North Carolina, they are inspected by a health agency, but in Indiana, they aren't.


Answer by  alicesays (106)

Yes, and a reputable shop will have their certificate on the wall somewhere. You should ask to see their credentials if you don't see anything outright. They have to be okayed by the health department in order to be in business. This means that they sterilize their equipment and don't reuse needles.

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