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Question by  Shafy (65)

What is the latest in car security?

I am getting a new expensive car.


Answer by  dwleo (5)

RFID Keyless entry system: Upon coming within sensor range *car recognizes the fob in your pocket *unarms the alarm *unlocks the car *adjusts any presets (heat, A/C, etc.) Push a 'start' button and away you go. Parking *press the start button and the engine stops/doors unlock exit car and walk away, the car will: *lock *raise any windows *set alarm.


Answer by  ong1057 (47)

GPS tracking and immobilising after a preset time. The best security is self-prudence: always lock-up and park in safe place.


Answer by  HUNM25 (713)

I would recommend getting a key less security system one that beeps if someone touches it. You should look into a protection program.

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