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Question by  fakename (21)

How can a resident alien in the US collect social security payments after going back to their own country?

I've lived in the US for 25 years legally and paid into the social security system there, but now I'm returning to the UK


Answer by  askandyoushallreceive (658)

As long as you notify the government that you are moving and attach a forwarding address you should still receive your payments. As long as you legally paid into the system it should not be a problem just because your address is different.


Answer by  dhsol6321 (8)

The best way to go about this, is to contact your embassy in the USA, you can most likely find out what you need to do that way. Alternatively, you "MAY" be able to contact the American embassy in the UK, but its best to go with the UK embassy in America.


Answer by  cquiggles (238)

I know it sounds wrong that a resident can receive US citizens money but its true. I spoke to a lady the other day that was receiving social security death benefits for her husband but was living in japan. I just think that we shouldn't allow that to happen. If money will be spend do it in our country.


Answer by  deathhalo (11)

You need to have a residence in the us that the checks can be mailed to. PO boxes are not allowed. You then would need someone to forward the checks onto you. You also have to be in the country while it is being processed.


Answer by  John (9008)

You will be unable to collect your Social Security. Although it is unfair, resident aliens who go back to their home countries lose their eligibility for Social Security payments. It does not matter if you got payments before leaving or not.

posted by Anonymous
Actually, this is incorrect. The US has a reciprocal agreement with some countries whereby a former resident alien can collect his/her social security; and, rightly so, as this is money that they already paid into the system. Ex, England has such a reciprocal agreement with the US.  add a comment

Answer by  iainaa (31)

From my own experience I would guess that they would eligible for only the absolute minimum state pension benefits having not contributed any national insurance contributions for 25 years.


Answer by  YukioDan (21)

I think the only possible solution for this problem is being married or having a child staying in the US, so he/she gets the money while you are in UK. Since they are your relative, they should be able to get it easily and without problem. Don't really know if it works, but i guess it is worth trying it.

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