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Question by  kmckay3 (17)

Why is the security light in my car flashing?

The car won't start; I've pulled fuses, nothing helps.


Answer by  MechMan3 (885)

My guess is that it is a GM car. I would say you are having problems with the key or ignition switch. If it is a gm car, turn the key on to the "on" position and let it there for 15 minutes that will reassociate the key with car. turn off. let sit 10 minutes. start car.


Answer by  mickeydurkin (27)

The security light is flashing because the system is active. You need to deactivate the system before the vehicle will start. If the system is factory then you need to consult with your dealer. If the system is not factory, then check under the driver side dash for the module.


Answer by  les59 (852)

Most security systems have a security light that flashes to make car theives fear that there is a security system in place. Many of these flashing lights are dummy lights anyway. I would have your car checked out by a professional mechanic. That would be the best place to start.


Answer by  turborotary91 (256)

usually incars that have a security system the security light flashes all the time when the alarm is on.if its off. there might be a problem with the on/off switch in the remote such as a bad may not be starting because some cars wont allow it to start unless the alarm is off.pulling the fuses will not help

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