Question by  cdeboard (15)

What was the heaviest dinosaur?

I want to know which dinosaur weighed the most.


Answer by  ambersfrog (157)

The Argentinosaurus was the heaviest dinosaur. Scientists think that they could weigh up to 220,000 pounds. It was a herbivore and looks like it was closely related to the more commonly known brontosaurus. To get an idea of the size of this creature you can compare it to a blue whale which can weigh up to 230,000 pounds.


Answer by  AManikandan (21)

Seismosaurus was the heaviest dinosaur weighing 99,792 kilo grams. It was 45. 7 metres long. It was called as "earth shaking lizard". It lived in the plains of Southern North America. It lived during the late Jurassic period[155-45 million years ago]. It was a herbivore. It had an enormous body with long neck and a small head. It belonged to type Diplodocus. It was pronounced as size-moe-sore-us.

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