Question by  premacharles (13)

How can I make a dinosaur cake?

My son insists on a dinosaur cake.


Answer by  archangelsgirl (93)

You can rent a dinosaur cake pan. You can make a rectangular cake and "draw" a picture of a dinosaur on it. You can purchase dinosaur accessories such as candles and figures to put on the cake. Your best bet is to check out a baking or bulk food store - they will have these and many more options.


Answer by  324hjt (610)

You have three options: The first is to find a dinosaur-shaped pan. If not, you could take a sheet cake, cut it into the rough shape of a dinosaur and then add icing. Alternatively, just take a sheet cake and use icing and paint a dinosaur onto the cake.


Answer by  jennibii (184)

Find yourself a dinosaur shaped baking pan, they are very inexpensive, especially if you shop online. Then, Get vanilla frosting and fun frosting and decorate it.


Answer by  Sandrion (203)

an easy way is to make a couple layer cakes then stack then on top of each other and then cut away parts until you have carved out a dinosaur.

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