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Question by  kirk (1)

What happens if I put a gas/oil mixture in my lawn mower by mistake?

I used my trimmer gas mixture by mistake.


Answer by  jimmyjohns (14)

Your mower will most likely be fine. The mixture will cause smoke as the oil gets burned. Drain the remainder out and fill with fresh clean gas. While you wouldn't want to use the mixture often, a one time use won't cause any harm.


Answer by  look4tuck (6)

If your lawnmower has a 2 stroke motor it will run correctly. However, if it is a 4 stroke motor it will foul a plug causing it not to run.


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

Other than causing smoke while running, nothing serious should happen at all. If your mower has a fuel filter, it may get clogged and require replacement or cleaning. Overall, the little bit of oil that's mixed into the gas will help lubricate the top portion of the piston which will help increase the life of the mower a bit.

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