Question by  deshpandev65yahoocom (149)

What is the etiquette around gifting money?

Are there times when cash is an inappropriate gift?


Answer by  philosophy (243)

I think cash is most appropriate as a gift for someone in need, like a newly married couple that are getting started in a new house. Cash given to someone who doesn't really need it, just indicates that you havent taken the time to think of a good gift.


Answer by  somerset (801)

I consider giving money for Christmas is not right, unless you donate in a clever way to a needy family. Particularly for young people, it does not seem appropriate. It all has to do with the spirit of Christmas, and money does not fit well into the equation.


Answer by  Marie (778)

Money is an appropriate gift for any celebratory occasion such as birthdays, weddings, and births. Cash or checks should be enclosed in a card and envelope, and may either be mailed or presented in person. However, be cautious of sending cash through the mail, as it may be stolen.


Answer by  Elizabeth (92)

Yes, there are times when it is inappropriate to give cash as a gift. The primary occasion I can think of is a Christmas gift to a close family member. Giving cash indicates that you have given no thought about to person you are giving the gift to.


Answer by  Anita27 (656)

It is inappropriate to give cash as a gift is when you don't have a card. A wad of cash stuffed into the receipent's hand is tacky.


Answer by  Tim (16)

You should consider giving money on a case by case basis. Consider how well you know the person and how sensitive they might be to receiving it.


Answer by  Starlite (0)

I feel Cash Gifting to help others in need during hard times is appropriate, but Not for self satisfaction, I take that as fraud against the people they are accepting it from.

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