Question by  jparker51 (2)

What is the proper wording for wedding invitations when asking for gifts of money?

I want to abide the rules of etiquette.


Answer by  Shawnsgrandma (156)

There is no possible polite way to ask for money. A wedding is not an invitation to beg from your friends. Rather, gifts are given out of love. If someone asks where the bride is registered it is acceptable to divulge this information. That's it.

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The assumption is, you're having a wedding to celebrate your union with the people you love and care about, NOT to . Asking/assuming gifts are required is tacky beyond belief - asking for Cash? even WORSE (despite the "Etiquette is for old people" sentiment some Bridezillas keep chanting)!  add a comment

Answer by  patti (29325)

There is no polite way to ask for any kind of gift, much less a gift of money. It's coarse, rude and presumptuous. Wedding invitations NEVER solicit gifts, unless you want to include a small envelope addressed to a charity in lieu of accepting gifts. Tell friends/family that you prefer cash and they can spread the word when asked.


Answer by  Anonymous

Newlyweds are often pressured by friends/family to go overboard on weddings (Wedding Planners LOVE to suggest obscure/crazy things "that everyone's doing" to maximize THEIR income). If you need cash, make your big day special, but not a circus. Scale back the extravagance, and have a down-payment on a house instead.

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