Question by  vishnu2830 (20)

What is etiquette for singing at the dinner table?

My family is always asking me to sing at the most inappropriate times, I would like to tell them know but want the right etiquette on it.


Answer by  zubenelgenubi (27)

In a family setting there's really no reason not to sing. However, when you're in a more formal setting your probably want to refrain from bursting into song! The dinner table is a place to have "civil conversation". Save the singing for the bar with friends!


Answer by  puella22 (160)

Speak with your family members in private *before* you get to the table and tell them you are uncomfortable being asked to sing.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

In any kind of formal event, singing should wait until after everyone has finished eating and left the table. At family gatherings, however, all bets are usually off, but tell them your food has to settle.

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