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Question by  jargon (112)

What is the eat Right for your Blood Type diet based on?

I have heard it is a good diet.


Answer by  t1986 (54)

The "eat right for your blood type" diet is based, obviously, on choosing foods that are supposedly good for people with your blood type to eat. Depending on what your blood type is, you may be instructed to focus on eating fish, or carbohydrates, or avoiding carbohydrates and root vegetables. Each blood type has different foods to focus on.


Answer by  baran (17)

It is based on nothing. It is just a scam. All animals in every species have different blood types yet they eat the same foods. The child of parents with A and B blood types can be either 0, A, B or AB. Why would this change the foods the child eat?


Answer by  Sting1 (686)

It's based on assumptions that a proper diet can be suggested according to your blood type. That's not the case. Consult a nutritionist if you want a specific diet.


Answer by  Zazu (195)

That is based on the type of one's blood group. It is good as per the recent studies in most of the universites with practical results.


Answer by  Steve31 (142)

The "Eat Right for your Blood Type" diet is based on genetic inheritance of metabolisms that can be traced back to one's blood type.


Answer by  jaime24 (744)

The eat right for your blood type diet is a diet plane where, everyone gets a different menu guide. every body is different and uses types of food differently. It is a good diet.

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