Question by  justme (111)

What is the divorce rate for second marriages?

I am soon to be remarried and wanted to know what my chances are for divorce again.


Answer by  drJ (841)

A number of studies have shown that the divorce rate for second marriages is higher than for first marriages - between 60-67%. This may be due to a failure to resolve the personal problems that caused the first divorce or a likelihood to see divorce as more of an option.


Answer by  Meg (224)

While this number tends to be lower for couples with children, the current divorce rate for second marriages is 60%.


Answer by  Laura47 (138)

It depends on who you ask, but statistics vary from 60 percent to as high as 75 percent or higher.


Answer by  Neerajsinghtomar (12)

The chances of divorce totaly depend upon how much love you wil gove to her. The truest the love is,the longer the bonding is. So love her very much

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