Question by  Amit51 (23)

What is the difference between types of scotch?


Answer by  Robby (26)

Single malt scotch is made with only barley. Single grain whiskey made with a mixture of grains other than barley. Vatted malt whiskey is a blend of different single malts. Blended grain is different types of single grain whiskey's mixed. Blended whiskey is single malts and single grains mixed.


Answer by  dooney (222)

Rye whisky is coarse and cheap, malt whisky is smooth but expensive, blended whisky is a mix of rye and malt designed to please the palate and ease the wallet.


Answer by  jg82 (96)

There are single malts (one distillery) and blends (multiple distilleries). Scotches also vary in taste based on where in Scotland the distillery is located.

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