Question by  Repojoe (15)

Is Typer Shark a good way to learn to touch-type or does it just improve keyboarding skills in general?

Suggestions for other typing skill games are welcome!


Answer by  divinds (24)

Yes, typer shark is a game for both kids and adults, who like to improve their typing skills. There are many stages in this game. The gamer is actualy learning without his knowlege. We can learn typing numbers, letters and symbols on different levels.


Answer by  mayfairmadam (16)

Typer Shark is an excellent fun method to learn touch typing. I learned to type 40 years ago. How much more fun it would have been to play a game such as Typer Shark. The challenge of getting it done within the allotted time adds excitement.


Answer by  cajuncuz (177)

Typer shark you could say does both help improve your speed and accuracy. In my opinion it helps learn touch type. has some games that are similar to typershark.


Answer by  Mari (134)

I feel Typer Shark is a very good way to learn the keyboard on a computer. I think it also teaches speed and confidence. I have been on Typer Shark many times and thought how fortunate students were to have such a fun vehicle.

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