Question by  Tileguy1 (21)

What is the difference between Catholic and Christian believes?

I want to understand the difference in Catholics and Christians.


Answer by  savedwriter (7)

Catholics believe you must do their sacraments and you cannot be certain of being saved/going to heaven until God judges you, your works & if you fulfilled those sacraments . Christians believe they are saved when they accept that God sent Christ to die and atone for their sins.


Answer by  Anonymous

Catholics are Christians so it makes no sense to ask about the difference between the two. Christianity is a general term used to refer to religious movements that are mostly based on the teachings of Jesus Christ


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

The major difference between Catholics and Christians is that Catholics follow the teachings of the apocrypha and the teachings of the Pope. Those writings are consider on equal ground with the OT and NT which the Christian church follows. Out of those teaching come praying to saints, worship of Mary, the rosary prayers,salvation by works, and praying for the dead.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

There are many differences, but the two major divides focus on the ornate nature of Catholic belief and then the direct access to God by people that is held by most Christians (Catholics generally hold that an intermediary -- priest, the virgin -- are needed to speak to or ask from God. )


Answer by  hoopla (150)

The Catholic Church is the only one founded by Jesus. All others were founded by ordinary people.

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