Question by  Tattooine (40)

What are the Catholic end of times dates?

What do the Catholics believe about the end of times?


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Catholicism does not specify a specific year in which the world will end. Instead, it relies upon the signs listed in the Book of Revelations in the Bible. The Catholic Church has existed for two thousand years, and it has tended to look at the end of the world as two to four thousand years from its founding.


Answer by  Annie82 (373)

Although many Catholic leaders have speculated on certain dates, the Catholic religion itself does not have certain dates for the end of times. (The Mayan calendar has the date as 12/21/2012. ) The book of Revelation reveals the events in this order: the Antichrist, apocalypse, Jesus returns, judgement day, and the evil people spend eternity in Hell.

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