Question by  Andrew195 (33)

What is the difference between broadband and fiber optics internet?


Answer by  mathivanan (84)

fiber optic is transmitting information in the mode of pulse that is light, in broadband the transmitting information in the form of digital pulse by electrical signals, fiber optic installation cost is high, but broadband is less, in fiber optic data loss is less in broadband the data loss is high.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Broadband internet uses standard wires, much like your coaxial cable. This falls into two catagories DSL and cable internet. Fiber optics uses special glass fibers which can transmit at the speed of light.


Answer by  RichG (22)

“Broadband Internet” simply refers to any Internet connection that is faster than dial-up. Cable Internet and DSL count as broadband Internet connections, for instance. Fiber optics Internet is a type of broadband service that is provided by fiber optic cables instead of through a coaxial cable or a phone line.


Answer by  asha (31)

Both these are broadband technologies. Broadband is go heap faster than modem. optical fibre cable is essentially a band frequencies tha too high.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

The main difference between the two types is that fiber optics have a larger cord which allow a lot more signals which in turn makes for a faster internet connection. Fiber optics is pretty new and is not available in many states as of yet. I would defiantly look into this if it is available in your area.


Answer by  aeturnus (474)

Fiber optics Internet does not differ from broadband internet, simply because fiber optics internet is a type of broadband internet.

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