Question by  Raketemensch (54)

What is the difference between broadband and DSL?

Aren't they both high speed internet access?


Answer by  blahblah (670)

Broadband means bandwidth that is shared by multiple signals. Broadband Internet access is faster than dial-up access. DSL is one kind of broadband access to the Internet. Access over a cable modem is also broadband Internet access.


Answer by  Johnson2231 (237)

DSL is a kind of broadband internet that is provided through phone lines. Broadband just refers to speed, not a specific kind of internet.


Answer by  Liew (60)

Broadband access allows user to be connected to the Internet anytime and anywhere.DSL is for local network users at the same location. A broadband is better than a DSL. Sometime, the coverage for broadband may not be as good compared to DSL. But user will still prefer broadband for easy access.


Answer by  gleverance (720)

They are the same thing. You will typically see it as broadband DSL internet access. The alternative high speed is cable or satellite. DSL is run through your existing phone line and can be used concurrently with voice service. Cable runs through your cable TV wiring and allows you to access tv and internet together.


Answer by  partyanimal33 (452)

Both are high speed internet access, but DSL operates through land line phones where as broadband can be cable or wireless.


Answer by  BobSXLemon (110)

Broadband is any fast internet access, including cable, satellite etc. DSL is a type of fast internet access that comes in on your phone line.


Answer by  NobodysHome (385)

Broadband is a general term for Internet with a high speed access rate. DSL is one of the most common and easy to set up forms of broadband Internet, but other forms of broadband, like cable Internet, tend to be a bit faster.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

Broadband can be DSL, satellite, or cable. DSL is the slowest of all broadband hook-ups. However, it's usually the cheapest, and it's more reliable than cable. But it's not available in all areas.


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

They are both high speed internet access. A DSL connection can be broadband but not all broadband connections are not DSL. DSL is just one type of broad band connection.


Answer by  HJ (143)

This is like asking "What is the difference between a vehicle and a car". DSL is a type of broadband access, as is Cable internet.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

Broadband and DSL are two types of high speed internet access. They have different ways of transmitting data. Broadband carries data over a common wire, where as DSL, "digital subscriber line" allows Internet and telephone service to work at the same time. DSL is commonly used in small businesses and homes.


Answer by  rajanonline (30)

broadband and DSL are most important. The broadband is giving hogh speed internet. But the DSL is the cable connection with high speed internet connection.

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