Question by  jansi (91)

What is the deep-water zone?


Answer by  Jamile (12)

The deep water zone is the lowest portion of the ocean that contains the following features: little or no light available, constant salinity, intense pressure, and very cold temperatures. The deep sea zone is also characteristicallt unique because it contains some of the most unusual biological life forms.


Answer by  Jess35 (445)

The deep-water zone is the deepest, or lowest level in an ocean. It is also called the open-ocean zone. The most recent national news in the United States of the deep-water zone involved the oil spill off of the Gulf of Mexico. This involved deep water oil drilling that lead to a massive explosion, thus leading to an oil spill.


Answer by  deeemesgmailcom (22)

Deep-water zone means the deep sea where water is deepest and sometimes it does not belong to a particular country or deep portion of any type of water reservoirs.


Answer by  nate20 (30)

In salt water it is the broad range of depth just off the continental shelf up to the ocean basin.


Answer by  hans (38)

when you see the map, there are gradation of color at the ocean and the sea. from very light blue to very dark blue. light indicates shallow, and dark indicates deep. the dark blue color indicates deep-water zone

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