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Question by  k9 (46)

What is the correct therapy for a pulled hamstring?

I pulled my hamstring and i want to make sure I am doing the right thing.


Answer by  Repairdude (115)

These types of health treatments are ambiguous at best, you should consult a physician before doing anything to "official" icy-hot pads are great, and fluids do as much as-the stereotype.


Answer by  Harvey (112)

First and foremost, rest and ice. That means not doing strenuous activity that will strain the muscle more. After it is out of the sub-acute state, you can try some gentle stretching. These would include sit and reaches, toe touches, and bringing your knee to your chest from a laying position. Do not overdo or go beyond your stretching barrier.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

At the onset, rest, ice, compression and elevation is the first treatment. After a few days gentle stretching exercises will help with the healing but it is most important to not overdo it. Biking and walking while using pain as your guide is good. For a second-degree pull, all exercise and stretching should take place at a slower pace.

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